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One Hour Sunrise Flight

Enjoy a spectacular hot air balloon flight over Australia’s ballooning paradise.
Come and join us on one of our magnificent sunrise flights over the Byron Bay Hinterland – a romantic adventure of a lifetime!

During our one hour hot air balloon flights you will experience a breath taking panoramic view of “the green cauldron’, floating gently above the undulating lush green hills with views to the Mt Warning volcanic caldera to the north and the coastline and beaches to the east.


Pre Flight Briefing by your pilot

One Hour Hot Air Balloon Flight

Gourmet Breakfast at Three Blue Ducks, The Farm

Award-winning Service

Pre-Flight Check-in

Your Pre-flight check-in line will open at 5pm the evening before your flight. You will be able to call this number to receive the weather go-ahead from your pilot, as well as your exact meeting time for the following morning.

Your Booking Confirmation will contain your Pre-flight check-in number and instructions.

Your Itinerary

  • Approx 1 hour before sunrise
    • Meeting at The Farm
      At our Meeting Point at The Farm, your will be greeted by our team. Your pilot will then give you a Pre-Flight & Weather Briefing and advise our proposed launch site for the morning.
  •  Approx 40 minutes before sunrise
    • Driving to the site
    • Jump board our vehicles as we drive to our launch site. At the mornings chosen launch site the balloon is unpacked and prepared for inflation. As part of your morning’s adventure, you are able to assist with the readying of your aircraft for flight.
  • Before sunrise
    • At the launch site
    • It takes around twenty minutes to prepare the balloon for launch, and once your pilot has completed their pre-flight checks you are invited to climb into the basket. After a passenger briefing, it is time for take off – you will be surprised how gentle and easy it is.
  • Sunrise
    • In-Flight
    • Now we launch for our one hour balloon ride and experience the magic of a sunrise flight as your balloon floats along the early morning breeze. You are welcome to bring your camera or phone aboard to capture the wonderful views from your flight.
  • One hour after sunrise
    • Packing Up
    • After we land, you can get photos inside the balloon (weather permitting) and have fun assisting the team pack up.
  • Following the flight
    • Breakfast
    • Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the renowned Three Blue Ducks, The Farm Byron Bay. With menu options to suit all requirements, all meals are ethical, sustainable and utterly delicious. You will also get the chance to review the photos from the day, purchase and have your photos sent instantly to your mobile and email.

What to wear and bring

We suggest wearing clothes suitable for walking or hiking.  Enclosed, water-proof shoes are recommended, as feet can get wet in the early morning dew.

Please avoid wearing skirts or high heels as you will find entering and exiting the aircraft quite difficult in these.

Particularly during the summer months, sunglasses, a cap and sunscreen are suggested.

You will find that it is no colder up in the air than it is on the ground, so just dress for the early morning conditions and you will be comfortable during your flight. During the winter months in particular  you may need jeans, jumper, beanie and a jacket that you can remove as the morning warms up.

You are welcome to bring your camera/phone abroad to capture the views from your flight.

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